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"total points" in gradebook

Question asked by Qi Dunsworth on Dec 11, 2015

In our current LMS ANGEL, the gradebook has the ability to display all grades in the format of "(points earned)/(points possible)".If a 10-point assignment is not graded, then that 10 points will not be added to the total points possible of the course for that student.


By displaying the (points earned)/(points possible), an instructor can easily compare if every student has all the assignments turned in, and if all grades are entered in the gradebook by picking out the different "total points possible." For example, the student has 35.3/40 below.


Can we do that in Canvas? Looks like only when the gradebook does not have weighted assignment groups, can the total be displayed in point format. But still, no "total points possible" will be displayed. This function is missed sorely.