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Changing Attendance to Fit Needs

Question asked by Karen Edwards on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Ken Black


I know that I can take attendance in Canvas but the label markings are present, late, or absent.  I don't really monitor lateness.  I rather be able to say present, excused absence, or unexcused absence.  I then have a policy that after 3 unexcused absences, they start losing the five points set aside for attendance up to the full five points (after 5 more unexcused days).  So, two part problem:

1) Any way to change the settings or labels on the attendance area?  I see badges but don't think that will help me.

2)  If I could mark excused or unexcused, is there a way to get my calculation to work vs. a % attended x points calculation for the attendance section?  If not, will have to use manual input.  Give them 5 points to start and then manually deduct as they have unexcused absences.  I now keep a separate Excel printed log for attendance in case anyone ever asks if they were out and why.  Maybe I'm just too complicated with my calculation. 


(PS - Goal:  I'm trying to get the Grade area of Canvas to match my syllabus.  Since I have some special policies, students can't match up my grade calculation to Canvas which I want to resolve next semester.  I've told them the numbers will not be the same (this semester) and I'm working to change my policies or work with Canvas to address them for the future.)


Thanks!  Karen