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Dropping lowest score option when entries are differnt point values

Question asked by Beth Hunsaker Garn on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

Is there an option to have each item in a category weighted the same, even if the points for each assignment are different amounts?


Here is my problem


Five quizzes each worth 20 points and a final worth 50 points. Exams are worth 50% of the grade and I want the lowest % one dropped. If the final is dropped then the gradebook gives the score out of 100.  So a student who earned 16,0,7,7,12 has a score of 42/100 that goes into the final grade.  If the students takes the final and gets 12/50 the computer will drop the final still since the % is lower 16+7+7+12+12=54/130=41.58%


What I want to have happen is that each exam carries the same weight, no matter how many points are assigned to each one so in the case above taking the final and getting 12 would raise the exam grade form 42% to  46.8%. Basically each exam is worth 10% of the final grade instead of all being lumped in to 50%


Any ideas on how to fix this?