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Extra Time and Lock Date

Question asked by Nicole S (UCF-CDL) on Dec 10, 2015
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We frequently have had instructors ask us about this issue,  but we have never had a definitive answer:


When instructors have a lock/until date set up on a quiz, if they give a student extra time on the quiz will students be able to continue the quiz past the lock date? Or will the quiz be submitted when the lock date has been reached?


For example, some instructors set up their quizzes to be 60 minutes long and will have the quiz only available for an hour (ex: available 12:30pm, until 1:30pm). However, they may need to give a student double the time (an extra 60 minutes). In this case, will the student receive the full 2 hours to complete their quiz, or will the quiz lock after an hour at the lock date preventing them from continuing the quiz?


In the past, we had been told that extra time will override the lock date, and in our previous testing that had been true. However, we have also received reports that this is not true and the quiz will lock at the due date despite the extra time (especially if the quiz is one-question-at-a-time).


Could you please clarify which is the correct way that Canvas works in this instance? I can also submit a feature request if need be.


Thank you!