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Examples of using short_name and long_name?

Discussion created by Chris Palmarini on Dec 15, 2015
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We are planning our first semester in Canvas next summer, and are working through some of the options available in SIS imports.  I have been struggling to determine a protocol for applying the short_name (aka Reference Code, aka Course Code) and long_name (aka Course Name, aka Name).


Both fields appear on the course card on the Dashboard, with the long_name appearing more prominent (on top, bold).  However, the short_name is what appears in the breadcrumb menu and on the home page throughout a course.


I suppose there are a number of possibilities, but can anyone provide an example of what sort of data you include in either of these fields?  We would like to include the course designation (BIOL 101), the days/times, control number(s) (section ID), and Term, but I'm unsure of the best way to assign this information.


In Bb, there is just a single Course Name, which we have been using as follows:

EXAMPLE:   BIOL 101 - (MW 2-2:50PM) #1234 (FA15)


Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated.  Thank you.



/ chris