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QUIZZES: students missing from "assign to"

Question asked by Tamara Samaripa on Dec 14, 2015
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I'm trying to help a teacher with her Canvas account (she uses the free Canvas Instructure account).  She was attempting to create a quiz and then assign it to two students in her class.  She was able to assign the quiz to one of her students, but was not able to assign it to another.  When typing the email address or name of the student she wishes to assign the quiz to, that student's name does not pop up in the list of potential students she can assign that quiz to.  It is not an issue of the student not being enrolled in the class, because when we went to check her class roster, the student shows up there.  We also attempted trying to just type in the student's email address hoping it would "Add" her to the the quiz, this did not work either.  A temporary solution for her was to assign the quiz to EVERYONE and then just tell the rest of her class to ignore the quiz, but she's wondering how this will affect the "grades" in gradebook.  Is there any particular area we should be looking at?  I could not figure out why all of her students were not listed in her class menu when attempting to assign a quiz to specific students.  I wish I could post examples, but it includes specific student names...and I cannot share that information.  Thanks for your help in advance!