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Grading rules question

Question asked by Heidi Dickens on Dec 15, 2015

Here is the scenario/question from a faculty member:

Here's what was supposed to happen according to their syllabus:

I.D. quizzes: There will be 5 weekly i.d. quizzes but only 4 count - you may drop the one lowest (or non-existent) grade. The final quiz (6th) cannot be dropped. 


the weights are


I.D. Quizzes (best 4 out of 5) 45% (11.25% each)

Final ID Quiz (Quiz 6) 15%

Exam 1 15 %

Exam 2 15 %

Photo journal project 10 %

TOTAL 100 %


It's not treating Quiz 6 (final quiz) separately, and I can't figure out how to make that happen.


My response was to fix it, she needs to create an assignment group for the one item ID Quiz 5 (final) and weight that group 15% if she wants the gradebook to treat it separately.  Is that accurate information?

Thanks Canvas Community


BTW, has anyone else noticed that clicking on the yellow new community ribbon that slides onto the screen when you go to goes to a 404 error?