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Extended Time v. Available Until Conflict

Question asked by on Dec 16, 2015
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Mr. Goodwin and I noticed this issue during finals week and I wanted to get some feedback.


In our scenario a teacher assigns a quiz to their entire first block class and establishes an Available From and Until date and time.

He also has a student in that course that requires extended time on test and quizzes.  Going to Moderate this Quiz, he was able to add extended time onto her attempt.  However, once the student started the assessment the countdown clock in Moderate this Quiz only showed the time span from the Available from and until settings.


Finally, we are now aware that by simply adding a Time Limit you can then make adjustment to individual students on the fly by clicking the blue clock in Moderate this Quiz. 

However this does not help us if students are already in a quiz with a set Available from and until date.  We feel that making changes under Moderate this Quiz should override the the Available from and until settings.  Can someone provide feedback as to why that could be problematic?