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Moving between sections - Lose assignment submissions and/or grades?

Question asked by Aurora Brink on Dec 24, 2015

If you add a student to a new section, will it affect their prior Assignment submissions and/or grades?


I use Canvas as an internal website for a Grant - for file sharing, providing orientation training, and collecting monthly reports.


I have been utilizing Assignments to collect training certificates for new hires. When someone comes on board, I add them individually to an assignment (so only orienting employees see the assignment).


It can be tedious to add employees to each assignment one by one, so I am considering creating a section for "New Employees" (so I can assign to that section only). But, I'm concerned that if I remove them from that section once their orientation is complete, I'll lose their records / grades.


Any guidance on do's and don'ts of moving people around would be helpful.