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How to get analytics about a training course without adding users as students?

Question asked by on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by Brett Bixler

Hi! Our IT training/ professional development group has recently created a Canvas course that serves as a self-paced curriculum for our faculty and staff who want to learn how to use Canvas. No one has to be enrolled as a student to access the course; it's just open to all authenticated users in our system, and they will generally access it via link from our main Canvas website.


Here's my problem: I thought we would be able to add Google analytics to the course site to gather some data about how many people are using it, but it turns out we can't do that, so I need some help.


Does anyone have a mechanism for collecting use data about an open Canvas course? Even basic use data (e.g. number of hits on the home page) would be helpful, so I'm open to all ideas.