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Rubrics and Repeated Assignments

Question asked by Eleanor Sommer on Jan 5, 2016

Just as someone mentioned that it should be easy to schedule instructions for repeated assignments (beyond "cut & paste"), it should also be easy to change a rubric that appears in more than one assignment.


If, for instance, I assign a bi-weekly essay, I should be able to instruct Canvas to put the same instructions into 8 separate dates.


Likewise if I develop a rubric for that assignment and then want to change one part of the rubric before the class opens (or even during the class if I find that students are not responding well to a part of the assignment), I should EASILY be able to tell Canvas to globally change that rubric for those assignments.


And even more important, Canvas should allow me to globally attach a rubric to assignments to begin with, without needing to go to each separate (but repeated) assignment and request that rubric.


Canvas requires a lot of repetitive work that makes using it a chore. As an adjunct, I do not receive compensation for setting up my courses, so I would prefer to concentrate on content rather than cut-and-paste exercises.