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Module "Locked Until" option disappears after the Module is edited.

Question asked by KATE SCHWARZ on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by KATE SCHWARZ

Happy New Year, everyone!


I work with an instructor who uses the "Locked Until" date option in most of her modules.  For the upcoming term, she set module dates and then removed them to test the modules. Now, she cannot re-establish the "Locked Until..." date - the option is no longer available.


Is this the expected behavior?  Of course, one workaround would be to create a new module using the date option the new module and transfer all the items to the new module, but I am not sure that should be necessary. [Well, actually no...Once the course was published, a new module will not have the Locked Until option, either. Unpublishing and then re-Publishing did not bring it back.]


Thanks for any insight...