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Where do I find LTI parameters for a 3rd party / vendor?

Question asked by Spencer Varney on Jan 6, 2016
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We're fairly new to Canvas, and have installed an LTI tool for What Do You Think? course evaluation. Having installed the LTI tool we get a message saying our institution isn't configured. We contacted their support and they have said it's something they need to set up on their side. However, before they can do so they asked for this information:

  • What is the name of the LTI parameter for the email or SIS ID
  • Optionally, what is the LTI parameter for the Source Course ID


I have absolutely no idea where I can find this. I looked online at the Canvas docs but haven't really been able to figure out what they're looking for. They said that we were their first Canvas institution, and only provided this for which I am paraphrasing:


"What we receive from Canvas is pretty much just a big long piece of text. Like, ", lis_person_name_given=YourFirstName, lis_person_name_family=YourLastName," and so on. We need to know which of those parameters to pull data from for specific purposes, so we know where to insert it in our end and how to make use of what we've received. Since different schools use different parameters for different things, we need to ask each school which ones we should look at for them.


For example, if we configured you to use the LTI parameter “lis_person_contact_email_primary” for email address, when we received a connect request from your institution's instance of Canvas we would know to look at the stored email addresses in WDYT and check against the value we've been sent for the parameter “lis_person_contact_email_primary.” Since you're using email address as your log in, we would then know who is logging in and what to display to them.


Similarly, for the source course id, we need to know what parameter from Canvas we need to look at in order to know what the course id is."


Where can I find this information that they're looking for? I thought when a vendor provided an LTI tool they would just be pretty straightforward as most of our others have been, but this one is driving us a wee bit nuts.


Thank you!


Spencer Varney