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Issuing Certificates after the course is completed.

Question asked by Steve Barry on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Trina Adams

We are using certificates in a course that lasts one day. When the instructor marks the student as "Present" at the end of the course, through Roll Call, they are issued a certificate. The problem we are encountering is that when the course end date passes (the same as the course start date) the participant no longer has access to the certificate in their Catalog dashboard. So if the participant waits to print/download their certificate until the next day they no longer have access. The course shows as Expired. We want the date in the certificate to be the date they completed the course, so extending the course dates won't work for us.


Am i missing a setting (allow user to access to certificate after course completion, perhaps?) The setting in Canvas "Only allow access to course during the dates is NOT checked.


Thanks, I am sure I am missing an easy step but I can't figure it out.