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Questions about Conferences using Big Blue Button

Question asked by David Christianson on Jan 7, 2016
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An instructor asked me these questions about Conferences, and I'm not readily finding answers. She is trying to determine if she should use the Conferences tool built in to Canvas or use a 3rd party app. Can you all help?


  1. What technological requirements would students need to be able to join the conference? Could they connect via Canvas on the iPad?
  2. Is there a way for the students to submit feedback after each presenter that is visible to the instructor but anonymous to the students?
  3. Is there a maximum amount of storage Canvas will allow for recording conferences? I'd want to be sure we wouldn't run out of room.
  4. Does the app offer any functionality for presenting slides via the computer screen during the presentation in a split screen format where instructors could see both slides and the speaker at the same time?
  5. Does the app log when the students log into the conference and if they leave the page during a session? I'd want to be able to verify that the "audience" attended the speeches.