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Building and maintaining infrastructure for digital learning

Question asked by Quin Swallow Employee on Jan 8, 2016

Providing digital access for your students in the classroom, at home and even from mobile devices isn't always straightforward or affordable. Hardware limitations, changing technology, budgets and wear-and-tear inflicted by young learners can make chronic headaches for administrators.


How are you building and keeping a digital learning environment for your teachers and students? We'd like you to please take a moment to post your experiences, frustrations, successes, failures, advice and warnings as a aid to districts looking to find solutions and avoid pitfalls. In particular, consider addressing these topics:


  • Device options (what to look for, what to avoid, how to score a deal)
  • Equipment for teachers
  • Budgets and funding solutions
  • Providing tech support
  • Facilitating digital access after class hours (at home and elsewhere)
  • Obstacles, workarounds and fixes
  • Programs and policies (1:1 devices, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device programs, etc.)
  • Planning for the future


As you exchange thoughts, we invite you to create lasting connections with staff in other districts who can serve as partners and mentors.