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Group Automatically Enroll by Time and Date???

Question asked by Marshall Herbst on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Kona Jones

Does anyone know a tool/LTI or a mixture of tools that will automatically enroll students in groups within a course based on a self-selected availability? Here is the original message:


"We will be asking the enrollees to group themselves by days/times they self-identify they are available for the required 8 in-class sessions.  What strategy do you recommend I use to have this time/day for meeting (say, in groups of not more than 10) crowd-sourced? Is there a way by which they could code a calendar to show their availability and thus we could create groups from those clusters? Your help in using a particular tool via Canvas would be greatly appreciated!"


I suggested using then allowing students to self-sign up for groups... but t


Thanks, everyone!