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Integrating 3rd party assignment/grades

Question asked by Thomas Reinhardt on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Kona Jones

I don't see an obvious answer to this question: basically, I'm trying to use a third-party (McGraw-Hil) online textbook with an Canvas-based course. This software will generate and grade various types on assignments, online. Upon completion of the assignment, it creates an Excel file, presumably, containing the necessary information, such as student name, SIS information (hopefully) and the grade in points obtained for the assignment (I assume that this is the case as I have not yet been able to perform a complete cycle with this tool).


I have over 400 students in the class and I would prefer to export the results of the Excel spreadsheet generated by the McGraw-Hill application as a CSV file and then upload that into the Canvas Gradebook. Now, I understand that this is problematic because the Gradebook needs to have generated the filename or it won't be recognized---not to mention other possible data requirements, etc. This suggests that I need to obtain the filename or an empty file with that filename from Elms (Canvas), save it somewhere, overwrite it with the data obtained from the 3rd party software and then upload it into Canvas. Of course, it's possible that the format expected by the grade book will not be consistent with what the McGraw-Hill product generates. Assuming that the data is there, however, I could write a Python script that would reorganize that data, etc.


I don't even know if this is the proper audience for this question. If anyone has any ideas or has ever done anything remotely akin to what I have described and has something to contribute I'd be extremely grateful.


T. R.