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Effective Practices in regards to Term and Course Dates

Question asked by Samuel Bachert on Jan 12, 2016



Over the last couple of semesters we have been struggling with the way our courses are opening and closing for our students and I wanted to reach out to the collective expertise of the Canvas community to make sure we have everything set up correctly.  Ideally we would like the following things to work:


1. Students are unable to access their courses until the Course Start Date.

2. Students, although they cannot access the course, they can still see courses they have registered for via Future Enrollments whether the course is published or not.

3. At the conclusion of the course students can access their concluded courses to be able to review course feedback, but are no longer able to interact with assignments, discussions, and quizzes.


I am thinking that all of this can be accomplished through the way term and course dates are set as well as the restricting of access, but it seems the settings I have selected have resulted with courses students can't see (so lots of potential calls) or early access before the start date to courses which then we get calls from concerned faculty.  Any suggestions are very much appreciated.