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Communicating with Individual Students

Discussion created by Melissa Wetherby on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Kona Jones

We are currently piloting Canvas, and all of my instructors are looking for a feature that we had grown to rely on in Moodle, and I am having no luck trying to replicate it in Canvas. Hoping someone here might have a suggestion or idea.


For all courses, we would create a One-on-One forum for students to communicate privately with the instructors in the course, this was set-up using groups and groupings in Moodle. The advantage to keeping it in the course forums rather than email or LMS mail features are transparency for the course, and co-instructors both see the same content. In addition, if someone else is taking over a class for any reason, they have access to all student communications for the class without a bunch of forwarded emails or files. This also allowed instructors another way to view their workflow and messages. 


Any searching I do for canvas about communicating with students suggests using the Canvas inbox, however this is tied to the user and not the course so it does not have the same functionality as the One-on-One forum would.


Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions on how to have private conversations with students that are accessible within the course?