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How do I link courses?

Question asked by Chad Ayers on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Constancia Wendt

I am new to Canvas. Loving its possibilities right now, but having trouble with a game changing issue for me. I recently gained access to Canvas through my school system, which uses PowerSchool. By default multiple "courses" are setup for me, but they should actually be sections within a course. For example, I teach Horticulture I and Horticulture I Honors during the same class period, these are already separate courses but I need them to be linked together, meaning, that I want to develop 1 course which would be the same and that students from both Horticulture I and Horticulture I Honors could access. How do I link the courses or sections to where what I do in 1 course automatically happens in the other course? or how do I "put" them both in one course?