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A Better "Courses in the Account" interface.

Question asked by Bill Gibson on Jan 14, 2016
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  • It is a discriminatory practice to only show the first 50 courses on this page, and then make you "use the finder" for the rest.  PSYChology & ZOOLogy are tired of being slighted.
    • How about an A-Z Navigation Menu for this area so that I could quickly pull up an alphabetical list of courses (e.g. beginning with "H" or "S", etc.)  Maybe a 1,2,3 sub-menu if there are more than 50 courses with the same first letter.
  • How about making the Teachers names a quicklink to message them?
  • Be able to click on the number of Students as a shortcut to an alphabetical list of all the students in the course (like People from the course menu).
  • The Course Title and the Homepage link both go to the same place.  Don't need both.


Adding some extra functionality in this area would make it more useful.  *Is a specific student in the course?  Click the Students link and visually see if they are there.


I'm sure there are more suggestions to make this area a powerful Admin tool.