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Is there a way to turn on a Time Stamp for the first thread in a Discussion?

Question asked by Daniel Russell on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by James Jones

I have had a couple of students point out that while replies to a discussion post have a time stamp (like "Wednesday" "Today"), there is no time stamp on the original discussion post -- neither on the original post, or on the Discussion list. 

  • I can see a time stamp on a discussion that I have started -- but my students cannot see that time stamp, and when I look at my discussion using a Test Student account, I cannot see the time stamp.
  • Students have pointed out that they would really like to know when a discussion began, not just when the last reply a thread was posted.


I have looked in all of the settings, but cannot seem to find any way to turn a time stamp feature on.  Is there a way to show the date/time that the initial thread in a discussion was posted,  a time stamp that would show up both on the Discussions list as well as on the first post in a discussion thread that students see?