FEBRUARY: How do discussions relate to student outcomes?

Discussion created by on Jan 15, 2016

Every month our Data Team will tackle an interesting data question. But they need real data sets in order to perform their analysis. All data will remain anonymous. No identifiers will be shared. Sample results will be posted in this group as a blog post. Approval for data use will be coordinated with school and CSM. All schools will get a copy of their data. If your school is interested in participating (and you are a Canvas Admin) please contact Biray Seitz for more information!


This month we're diving deeper into discussions. That's right - we want to analyze discussions -- from number of discussion topics per course and number of posts per discussion to length of posts and number of replies).


Things we're hoping to compare:

  • discussions usage
  • how many discussion topics per course
  • # of posts per discussion
  • length of posts


Anything other ideas related to discussions?