New CMUG Section: Submit a Mobile Idea

Discussion created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Jan 15, 2016

I have been working with Kristin Lundstrum and the Community Team to better facilitate the discussion of mobile ideas in this group.


What's the motivation?

Mobile ideas will have a better chance of gaining votes and being created if the group can discuss and "champion" ideas before they are submitted.


How do you submit an idea to our group?

  1. On the front page of the group click: START A MOBILE IDEA DISCUSSION
  2. Fill out the discussion post
  3. Add any tags (NOTE: do not remove the cmug mobile idea tag)
  4. Select the proper categories so we can identify the specific app or situation
  5. Submit




Now the group can discuss the idea to create something that the whole community can get behind. Once satisfied the original author of the discussion can submit it as an official The specified item was not found.and we can add our votes.


If you have any feedback about this new section, please discuss below. Thanks!