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Sharing of expertise via hangouts - ID, Canvas, teaching & learning

Question asked by on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Jesse Buchholz

Hello fellow instructional designers and Canvas-ites!


We are putting together a series of bite size, low stress, chunks of faculty development. These are going to be called Teach & Share and will be 45 min Google Hangouts.


I was wondering if anyone in this forum might be interested in collaborating, cooperating and sharing people on a series like this. They will probably be one per month until we see how many people are interested here.


a few topic ideas:

Anything Canvas

Online Teaching & Learning

Educational Technology Tools (including apps)

Team Based Learning



Really, anything related to innovative learning. Since we are a health science center, anything health professions education related is also welcome. I am thinking it might be interview format -5 questions or so, 30 min., with audience Q & A of 15 mins. This has worked well in other settings, but I have not tried it with healthcare education faculty. They can be a tough crowd, so we are trying a few different things. Shoot me an email or respond here is you think you might be interested.


Robin Bartoletti, PhD

Instructional Designer

Center for Innovative Learning