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View Log Stopped viewing the Canvas quiz-taking window?

Question asked by Allen Farrand on Jan 19, 2016
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Have a question about Canvas, specifically “Stopped viewing the Canvas quiz-taking page…" within the View Log of a student who has taken a quiz.


Per Canvas Instructor’s manual - "The log also shows if the student stopped viewing the Canvas quiz-taking page [4]. Not viewing the quiz-taking page can occur from clicking out of the quiz (such as on another browser tab or window), or navigating away from the quiz completely (such as opening another area of Canvas).”


My question, if a student moved there mouse outside the window but NOT clicked anywhere else outside the quiz-taking window would it result in the above message?

Also, if a student waited for say more than 30 seconds (say looking up an answer in their textbook) would it result in the above message?


I have informed my students, that if I see one of these messages in their View Log, they would get a zero for the exam. I am looking for authentic assessment, not someone’s ability to look up answers in a PowerPoint, internet or whatever.