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Issue with students viewing TII results (TII LTI)

Question asked by Kimerly Wilcox on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Kimerly Wilcox

If I enter Canvas as a student and try to see my results for an assignment submitted via Canvas/TII, what I can see differs depending on the approach taken.


If the student goes to Grades and clicks the assignment title



it appears to take the student to Assignments, but the student gets the No Preview Available message, and only the grade is visible, so there is no way for students to see their Originality Report or instructor QuickMark Comments and Rubric choices.



However, if the student first goes to Assignments and clicks the assignment title, the score and Originality Score are visible:



Clicking the green originality score icon takes the student to the Originality portion of the Turnitin grading page:



Clicking GradeMark allows the student to see the QuickMark comments and the rubric choices:


So, if the instructor has Assignments hidden in the Nav bar, students won't be able to see the TII results. Some instructors like to have very few items in the Nav bar, and since the assignments are available through their Modules, they hide Assignments.


It doesn't make sense to me that what the student sees should be different depending on the starting point. Am I missing something?