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Viewing student comments on group assignment submissions.

Question asked by David Woods on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Jenny Lo

I've noticed a quirk with student comments on group assignments and wanted to see if anyone else has suggestions before I submit an idea to improve this.


With individual assignments, if a student submits a comment, it is displayed in the SpeedGrader during grading.  You can also see it by looking at the student submission.


With group assignments, where there is only one submission for the group, there is an additional detail.  The student making the submission can choose to "Send the comment to the whole group".  If they select this, the comment appears in the SpeedGrader.


If the student chooses NOT to share the comment with the whole group (which may be the default option), then the comment is NOT shown in the SpeedGrader.  The comment can be viewed by looking at the actual submission.


This seems odd to me.  I would want to see any comments while I am grading, and grading in Canvas takes place in the SpeedGrader. 


I'm only aware of this because I noticed a comment in my daily e-mail of updates stating that a student had made a comment on a specific assignment.  I followed the link in the e-mail to see the comment, and realized that I had just graded this assignment and didn't remember seeing the comment.


Has anyone else noticed this?  Do you agree that this design could easily lead to student comments being missed?