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"Unfiled Questions" question bank not auto updating

Question asked by Summer Howland on Jan 25, 2016
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I have an instructor who is working on the quizzes in his course. He initially built all of his quiz questions directly into the quiz, but has decided that he would instead like for them to be question banks. I gave him this resource and he is following it just fine. The issue he's having is the following:


This morning he went through all of his quiz questions that were initially built directly into the quizzes and made some edits to those questions directly in the quiz. He then tried to start moving questions from the "Unfiled Questions" question bank to his newly created question banks for each quiz. The problem is that the questions in the Unfiled bank were not automatically updated with the edits he made this morning. So he's only able to move old versions of his questions to his newly created question banks.


It would be very time consuming to have to copy and paste all of his questions from the quizzes into the question banks. What other options are there?


Thank you in advance for your help.