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Private Groups for Faculty Development

Discussion created by Jeremy Van Kley on Jan 25, 2016
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My institution has recently migrated to Canvas, and we are exploring ways to better engage our faculty with opportunities for  training and development.  The majority are adjunct faculty teaching online courses.  Some key objectives we're seeking:

  • Canvas training and engagement
  • General "how to teach online" training/strategies/best practices
  • Connection and collaboration with each other
  • Gamification and badging

There are others as well, but this a start.  I've seen several institution-specific private groups, so if you are using private groups for this kind of thing, what are some of your best practices?  Has this worked well for your institution?  Do your faculty engage in the private group, and does this encourage engagement in the larger Canvas Community? 


Thanks for your help and insight!


Jeremy Van Kley

Olivet Nazarene University