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Quiz Submissions do not appear in Speedgrader (Android) even though the app "sees" them

Question asked by Evan Bibbee on Jan 26, 2016
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I would like to know if there is a solution for this problem, as I have a whole series of small reading quizzes for one of my intermediate literature classes this semester.  As long as I correct them using my laptop, everything works just fine.  However, if I try to use the Speedgrader mobile app on either of my Android devices (Phone: Brand-New Nexus 5x, Tablet: Nexus 7), the display section of the Speedgrader app says that the student doesn't have a submission, even though in many/most cases the student does.  Thus, I am not able to review student work and adjust points as necessary from within the app.


To illustrate, please have a look at these screen captures.  The students in question will be retaking the quiz in question, so don't feel bad about seeing their scores.


Main assignment screen signaling that there are submissions to be graded.


   Submission list showing students with submissions and their automatically scored grade.


Detail for one student showing her automatic score on this quiz/assignment (notice the "This student does not have a submission" notice in background.)


Detail hidden (same student) and erroneous notice and lack of quiz questions/answers.



Thanks in advance for any advice/help you can offer.