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Where are the permissions/access in Commons coming from?

Question asked by on Jan 29, 2016
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How is the list of sub-accounts to which an instructor has access in Commons determined?


We are hoping to implement Commons this spring. To that end, we have this turned on in our Test environment and are seeing some strange behaviour. A recently hired instructor is only seeing his Phys Ed departments/sub-accounts listed as options - as we expected. However, an instructor who has been here for many years appears to be seeing ALL departments/sub-accounts, including ones in which he has never taught. It is the same list we see as administrators.


In addition, we have Shared two items in particular sub-accounts to which none of these people should have access. The new instructor does not see them on the Canvas home page, but the long-term instructor does.


We cannot figure out why this is happening - can someone offer guidance as to where these permissions are coming from?  Biray Seitz ? Kate McGee ?


Thank you!!