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Viewing student responses in anonymous ungraded survey without having to download report

Question asked by Julie Magadan on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Leona Barratt



We used to be able to create an anonymous ungraded survey and view student responses using moderate this survey by clicking on Student 1, Student 2, etc. The students could not be identified, but we could view their contributions to the survey.


Since the Jan 9 release and the change to this code:


"Anonymous Surveys and Student Names

Quiz statistics do not display student names in anonymous surveys.


Explanation: When an instructor viewed the statistics for an anonymous survey, student names could be viewed as part of the number of respondents answer details. This behavior occurred because statistics didn’t account for anonymous survey submissions. Canvas code has been updated to ensure that anonymous surveys remain anonymous."


We are now seeing that even if we click Student 1, Student 2 to view student responses, we get a message that "student's responses are hidden because this assignment is anonymous."  Of course we know the survey is anonymous, but the responses should not be hidden, just their names should be hidden. Also, we can go to survey statistics and still generate/download the student analysis to view the results.  If we can view the results that way, there is no reason to hide them. :-)


I am trying to determine if the change to the code for the quiz statistics altered this functionality (in an unintended way) or if this is working as desired.  Does anyone else see this happening?  Or maybe I am missing something entirely.


Many thanks in advance.