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Emails and notifications

Discussion created by Sam Denniston on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Lisa Brem

I am wondering if someone could explain to me more clearly the rationale for having an internal messaging system over sending email.


I see the advantage of using an internal messaging system being that there are multiple ways in which a student can be contacted - through email, if they have set their preferences as such, or push through the app, by sms, or by going to Inbox in Canvas. They aren’t restricted to just email to be notified.


The disadvantage is that people can opt out of communications. This could lead to some confusion, in that if I as a teacher use the system to send a message to parents (observers), I may not necessary get the message through to them, because if they have their notification preferences turned off, they won’t get the message unless they go into Canvas, which they may not desire to do.


We are trying to sell Canvas as a messaging system of choice to our teachers, but if people are thinking of it as a replacement for email, they need to be aware of the limitations.


I personally think there needs to be a pure email option in addition to the internal messaging system.