Stephanie Kontrim-Baumann

Rubric editing outside Canvas and changing rubric points?

Discussion created by Stephanie Kontrim-Baumann on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Kona Jones

I find the editing tool on the rubrics to be very difficult. Our rubrics are set up to provide comment on different levels of achievement, so the criteria in each cell is actually quite long. I cannot view the entire text while editing the rubric (and something I just did moved shifted my columns over!).  I am very frustrated with this tool and wonder if their is anyway to export/import the rubric to an outside editing screen (like excel) and then re-import.  It's also very frustrating for me that a new rubric has to be created every time the point value changes on my assignment.  I've been reading a lot about Outcomes and wonder if our long criteria should be in outcomes, but don't see how the student will be able to view the appropriate feedback.  For example, below is a screen shot of the rubric we are using for graduate discussion posts; these rubric are in our syllabi and have become standard grading criteria across our programs.  Additionally, each professor may have different point totals with this (mine are worth 3 points but if my colleague has one worth 100 points, we have to re create with the new point  values, which brings us back to the editing issue). Our old BB rubrics enabled us to create a master rubric with column headings as well as row criteria and assign various points as needed. Any suggestions appreciated; I don't like spending my Sundays fighting with the Canvas rubric editing tool!