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Android Canvas App page layout

Question asked by Pete Grey on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by Janell Amely

Hello Canvas community!
I have a two part question. Firstly, I believe there has been a somewhat recent (within two weeks??) change to the viewing of pages on android. Some of our picture hyperlinks are no longer shown as can be seen below. Note: This was tested on two separate android phones, both with up to date canvas app / software.


Desktop browser view:

img 1.jpg

Android App view:


In this picture the hyperlinked images still exist, however they are the definition of tiny.


Desktop browser view:

img 2.jpg

Android app view:


In this view, the hyperlinked images have disappeared.


This error is not replicated when using iOS.


The second part of my question is no doubt easy to answer. Although I have searched through the guides, I have not found my answer. The white box on the android images (also same issue with iOS) is a ThingLink image in a iframe. Is iframe currently not supported in the canvas app?
Thanks for your time everyone!