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Unpublishing a Course using the API

Question asked by Robert West on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Susan Nugent

Does anyone know of a way to unpublish a course using the API?


We are synchronising data from our in-house system to Canvas and when a Course in our system is deleted we want to unpublish the course. We don't want to delete the course in Canvas as we have had occasion where a course is deleted in our system by mistake and we don't want to lose all of the course materials/enrollments etc.


UPDATE: I have now found out how to Unpublish a course. You need to Update A Course (/api/v1/courses/:id) with the parameters course[event]=claim. It isn't documented, but it does work as long as there are no student submissions/grades. This clearly makes sense - if you can do it on the website you should be able to do it through the API.


Many thanks to the Instructure support team who managed to find this out for me.