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Quizzes- Assign to section issue

Question asked by Emily Craddock on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Emily Craddock

When teachers are assigning quizzes to different sections (bells) to make available at different times, I've run into issues when the "Assign To" dropdown doesn't list all the sections. For example, a teacher I work with has 5 sections in their Canvas course. When she was trying to assign a different available quiz time to each section, the first "Assign to" dropdown only showed 2 of her 5 sections (bells 3 and 5) and not the others.  I've tried everything I know to fix this (refresh the page, close and reopen, etc.) but it still seems to arbitrarily show a few of the possible sections, not all.


Could someone explain why this may be happening and how we could get it to automatically display all the sections in the Assign To dropdown?