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LMS Admin: Permissions - Course Roles: Teacher - Add/remove students for the course

Question asked by Bill Gibson on Feb 8, 2016
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More specifically, I am focusing on "remove student from a course" and giving the Teacher the permission to do this.


Why would you treat a student differently if they were enrolled manually or via SIS Import?  If a student is enrolled via SIS Import, the Teacher cannot remove them from a course.


I was looking forward to telling faculty that they could remove a student if they had dropped their course.  This was because Canvas made it relatively easy to restore the student to the course, if necessary, and even if the Teacher removed the wrong student, they could be restored easily.  But, most of our students will be added via SIS Import.


*What if... a Teacher enrolls a student into their course before the SIS Import runs that would place that student in their course?  The Teacher would have the ability to remove this student.  But after the SIS Import runs, would it change whether the Teacher could still remove the student?