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How to know what files to use?

Question asked by Champion on Feb 6, 2016

We had canceled school last Wednesday (2/3/16) due to snow storm, we turned it into an Online Learning Day. Teachers were to teach/post work from home for students to complete before the next school day. I'm trying to get three questions answers by using Canvas Data but I'm not 100% sure if it's possible or what data files I need. Any help or thought on how to best get these answered would be most helpful.


Teachers were to announce (email students or post announcement) by 9am on 2/3/16 what was expected of their students for the online learning day. I'm looking for the specific traffic/submissions/page hits for a student, to see what and when they worked on this particular day.


So my questions are:

What COMMUNICATION was sent and WHEN and by what USER?

What was the full ACTIVITY by a particular USER?


What files would be needed for these two questions?




Linda Feng

Matt Smith

Biray Seitz