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Dealing with Photoshop and Illustrator Files

Question asked by JILL SMOKER on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Kona Jones

What would be the easiest way to read Photoshop and Illustrator files on canvas?  Currently, I teach a digital design art course, and when organizing and grading their file submissions, I find that if I want a workable document, I have to have the students submit the .psd file or the .ai file (depending on which project they're doing), but I also make them create a .jpg or .pdf file to allow me to see the work that they created in Canvas for grading.  Granted, this isn't even a cure all, because there are times when the PDF reader in Canvas omits layers, or it glitches weird lines in the Illustrator pdfs.  To show you an example of what the first situation is, here's a screenshot of the student handbook design files I had them turn in a while ago. 


So, my question is two-fold.  One, can you get a plug-in that will allow me to see these Photoshop and Illustrator files in Canvas without having to download the files? 

screen of .psd files (not readable).jpg


Secondly, what can I do about these pdf glitches? (The white streaking of the guitar body)

PDF glitch.jpg 

Zoomed in, so if you can't see the weird streaks.

zoomed in pdf glitch.jpg

Here in this one, it's omitting text from an entire layer... (PDF file in speedgrader)

screen of student work.jpg


back cover.jpg

Same files, one was just in Speedgrader in Canvas, and the other is the actual file (converted to jpg).


Overall, the streaking goes away when I open the files in the correct program, but I get many students asking me about it, and sometimes it takes a long time for these files to download, simply because they're large.  I even tried doing my grading by downloading all of the file submissions at once, but it took at least half an hour for the files to be zipped (because I teach 5 sections this semester of this class and there's 23-26 students in each class).  So, looking to fix those glitches, or open to other suggestions you may have.