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PowerPoint and Voice Overs

Discussion created by Sandra Rios on Feb 8, 2016
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I often create PowerPoint presentations and then narrate them.  This replaces a classroom lecture.  I used to use  I'd upload the PPT presentation to Brainshark and then narrate each slide.  I'd place the URL to Brainshark on Canvas so that students could open my Brainshark PPT from Canvas and watch the PPT presentation while they listened to my explanation.  This worked very well until Brainshark eliminated this free service.


They recommended that I use YouTube.  Unfortunately, with YouTube it is more difficult to narrate a PPT slide by slide and for students to control the presentation.


Does anybody have a suggestion how I can do this on Canvas?  I can narrate a PPT but when I upload the presentation, I lose the voice over or narration. Any suggestions for creating PPT presentations and recording voice over or narration?


Sandra Rios