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LTI/external tool not available to students

Question asked by Tiffany Morgan on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Tiffany Morgan

Hi all

New to Canvas and my first time posting, so if I'm missing info please let me know


I am adding courses to our new Canvas install. The course is provided by a vendor via LTI. I have the LTI tool set up at the account level, created the course (import canvas course). I received an error that there wasn't an external tool available for 201 links, but when I went to the course as an admin I can see and access all resources (link icons labeled as external tools, assignments etc) which leads to be believe my secret, key, url are all correct. Strangely the link icons are grey, not green like the assignment icons. There is a green "published" icon for each topic, but the individual items with the topic are grey "unpublished" clouds.

When I log in as a student I can access the course but I can only see assignments (those items in the gradebook).

Here is what I have checked so far:

  • The course is published
  • The course is within the date range for the term to which is assigned
  • There is a teacher assigned to the course
  • If a student completes one of the visible assignment items grade is set to the gradebook so data must be flowing between us and vendor.
  • If I publish an individual LTI item the student can see/access that item (seems strange that I would have to click all 200+items for each course so assume that is not the real solution)


Thank you for any insight you might be able to offer as to why this published content isn't available would be great!