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Turnitin and SpeedGrader

Question asked by Reno Giovannetti on Feb 12, 2016

Is anyone else having a problem with SpeedGrader and the Turnitin LTI? If I create an assignment, add a rubric and enable the Turnitin LTI everything seems to work on my end. I can then open the assignment use the speedgrader and grade the assignment so far so good. The student will get a notification and the assignment shows in the gradebook. However, when the student accesses the assignment from the assignment list they only get the LTI view of the assignment and there is no way to access the speedgrader feedback. If however the student access the assignment from the gradebook the speedgrader feedback and originality report are available as they should be.


Is this the way it is supposed to be? How can we make this less confusing to students?