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New to the Canvas LMS...

Discussion created by Sue Elvins on Feb 12, 2016
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Have just discovered this LMS and after going through four hours plus of the training modules for teachers I am very connected and wanting to learn more about the course development as I am quite fascinated by what this can do. I am already coming up with ideas for course modules just not ready to go directly in for the plunge yet. Call it shyness but I'm taking my time and wanting to get my feet wet before taking the dive off into the deep end.


I am a former corporate executive that went back to college after a company buy out. I completed my BS, my MBA, and stopped at the doctorate leaving me ABD. It is rather frustrating but due to an issue beyond my personal control things happen. I began working as a social media copywriter via freelance and learning a vast amount of information at multiple levels over the years. During this time I did make a few attempts but they did not amount to much as I have not been able to grasp onto the online world. Now that I have found the ability to learn CANVAS I am hoping to use this as my learning curve and help to forward my adjunct teaching career. I look forward to going through the email that was sent to me and the many articles and tutorials that are available. I welcome everyone's thoughts and feedback for this classroom development journey using Canvas. Thanks in advance!