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Unable to find answer for deleting syllabus documentation

Question asked by Sue Elvins on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by Sue Elvins

I have been searching for information on how to correct an issue and there is nowhere on the website that is showing me how this can take place. I'm getting a bit frustrated as it seems this cannot happen yet I know it can. I am sending a screenshot so you can see the situation I'm faced with and what needs to take place. I'm quite confused as the top three are showing up perfect and everything is just fine. What frustrates me is when I did the module completion for week 1 it seems to have thrown everything into complete chaos.


Somehow when I did up the syllabus it created a duplication of what was already done in assignments and it has basically caused serious chaos. These duplications need to be removed yet when I attempt to remove them they will not delete. Please assist on this matter as I am pulling my hair out trying to make it happen.

I greatly appreciate your assistance and I have placed the screen shot at the bottom of the post.




assignments wk1.jpg