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Actually began a test build

Discussion created by Sue Elvins on Feb 13, 2016
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After reading most of the late afternoon into the early evening and making plenty of bookmarks upon postings I wanted to see what I could come up with. Interestingly enough I managed to pull together a home page and the beginnings of a module classroom structure. I now have gone as far as organizing and planning how to research and plan out how to build out the LMS classroom structure lectures. By determining that I feel it will then help me create the weekly discussions then move onto the phases of weekly quizzes, projects, etc.


Now that I am more aware of the moving around the LMS it gives me a better feel for creation and not as shy to step out and do something. The classroom build is a very slow process and I don't mind taking my time as I find myself making use of friendly notes on canvas commons, reading notes from other members then going back to my writing and research then I feel confident enough to begin working on the test build of my classroom structure. I'm slowly getting there with putting the links together and I haven't attempted to even try changing the buttons yet; that just blows my mind. For now I think everything is going to stay at default until more confidence is created but I know eventually it will come as I'm finding the more I work with Canvas the easier it is becoming to use in development.


A brief note I did want to share is I have been using MS OneNote for everything since my corporate days and as a habit I started taking notes during my reading yesterday on Canvas. One thing led to another and when I began the creation of this classroom I created a new section within the Canvas binder and started to form the organization and plan the various phases how each weekly module would be created. Since I work with MS Word daily I'm actually going to build what looks similar to a white paper, for lack of term, break down the modules by sub-header then write them out as I want each one to appear on Canvas. I chose MS Word as it will be easy for me to use that application and also have the Internet open for research if I need to look up something specific while writing.


When research is completed I can then copy and paste onto each weekly module after it has been given a title. After that phase is completed I can then use each written section to create the following phases of discussion questions, weekly quizzes, etc until everything is completed. Then I can move onto testing out the course flow. I will be writing this out in MS Word Doc and am happy to share it with anyone who would like to see a copy once it is complete.