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Is there a feature where students can see participation points outside of the gradebook?

Question asked by ELISSA LAUBER on Feb 17, 2016
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I'm currently surveying several classes at the University of Utah. Students receive participation points in these courses for completing the surveys; however, I would like a way to keep students informed throughout the semester which surveys they've taken/haven't taken. I'm independent of the class (I'm a Course Designer), so I'm not able to post anything to the Gradebook. Students, therefore, can only see what they've earned at the end of the semester (after all survey data has been collected) when I email the instructors with the students participation point total. The instructors then input the total as a "participation grade" at the end of the semester.


I'm specifically looking for a way to have a "gradebook" that is invisible to the instructor or a way to post information about participation points so that each student can only see his/her points.