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Assignments or outcomes tied to units of competency

Discussion created by Pete Grey on Feb 15, 2016
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Hi all,
Our team is currently going through a change to our training program due to an overhaul from the government. This forced a change in how we assess performance criteria and performance evidence. As we have a vast canvas community out there, I am hoping we can get some assistance in a good set up (I am still pretty green in module development). Here is a brief overview.

One performance criteria "1.4 Use a wide range of anatomical terminology relevant to injury prevention and fitness outcomes."

The performance evidence "Plan and instruct at least five different client sessions in the following - Cardiovascular, Respiratory, ... etc. " (there are lots of examples so students will just get a "lucky dip" for example)


The dilemma we have here is we do not want to have to create five assignment shells for planning and five shells for instructing of a similar task. This makes it a nightmare for gradebook (could have excess of 100 assessments per module).

I think outcomes will be our savior here.. but we have not used these yet and are having teething issues (e.g., do we have outcomes at the global level, or at the micro level of performance criteria - which would require hundreds of outcomes).


There has been quite a bit of brainstorming completed here, and this is only a small post, so if it does not make sense, please throw something at me and I will elaborate.


Many thanks in advance